How to buy on Uniswap

1. Go to the UniSwap official website and click on Launch App and it brings you to

  1. Connect your wallet

  1. Choose Metamask

  1. Choose your account and click on Next:

  1. Click Connect:

Now, your wallet is connected and you should be able to see your balance and your wallet address at the top of the page.

Copy our contract address 0x891E33C8A49Ed9f59be3726834Ad78CF597b56e9 6. Click on Select a token

  1. Add our Contract address 0x891E33C8A49Ed9f59be3726834Ad78CF597b56e9

  1. Click I understand

  1. Click on Settings icon, and set Custom Slippage at 7%

  1. Put Amount to invest, Click on Swap

  1. Check all is correct and click on confirm swap

  1. Metamask will open a pop up and ask you to confirm, Click on "Confirm" button and that's it.

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