Betted Games allow you to use any chain to deposit.

Casino platform works with USDT. Once you deposit, Your balance show as USDT. Once you are logged, click on "CASHIER", and a pop up open and choose Deposit Choose between Crypto or $BETS ( to play ot especial events with our token) Choose 0xprocessing for BTC, ETH, LTC, etc .....

  1. Select USDT

  2. Enter amount into USDT

  3. Put your mail and Chain you want to use to pay (platform convert into USDT)

  4. Click on deposit

A new pop up page will be opened to send funds manually or pay via your wallet

Click on Pay, and Metamask will be open to sign the transaction.

Once you confirm via metamask or your wallet, your deposit will be credited in less than 5 minutes, deppending the network congestion.

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